CleanEquity Monaco

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco & Mungo Park, Chairman of Innovator Capital, founded CleanEquity Monaco to accelerate cleantech innovation & implementation.

CleanEquity Monaco 2019 will be the 12th annual event.

Over the two days, the conference hosts up to 250 high level delegates who are introduced to 25+ of the world's most promising emerging technologies and take part in provocative and engaging plenary/workshop sessions. Relationships are built among key opinion leaders, strategic investors, financiers and entrepreneurs of the cleantech industry. 


Presenting Companies

Innovator Capital and CleanEquity source 600+ companies a year from across the cleantech sector around the world. With the assistance of the CleanEquity Selection Committee, made up of our global advisors, companies with the greatest potential and most innovative technologies are invited to present. 

Presenting companies are selected based on 5 key criteria:  

  • Management leadership & experience
  • Exceptional technology with world relevance
  • Robust and verifiable intellectual property 
  • Excellent revenue potential
  • Max €300 million market cap or pre money valuation

The following companies have benefited significantly from attending CleanEquity Monaco and working with Innovator Capital:

Halo IPT, a New Zealand company which presented at CleanEquity Monaco 2011, the leader in inductive power transfer (wireless charging) for electric vehicles. ICL represented Arup taking a 25% stake & transferred ownership to a UK entity. ICL then led the £20 million Series B funding round looking for 3 geographically dispersed investors. Identifying 16 which caused a conflict, ICL switched strategy and sold the company to Qualcomm. The technology is now available to licensees.

CDTI, a US company, which is a world leader in emission reduction technology for diesel and gasoline engines. The technology is proven and has been deployed in the low emission zones of London and the State of California. It has the world’s lowest PGM Catalyst Technology for gasoline engines, which it supplies to Honda and other OEMs. ICL raised numerous rounds of capital for the company and represented them in a recent M&A transaction.

Drayson Technologies, a UK company, was the CleanEquity Monaco 2016 Award Winner for Excellence in the Field of Environmental Technology Commercialisation. Developing an IoT platform for its own wireless charging technology, which it has incorporated into a portable air quality sensor and machine learning software; Drayson Technologies raised an £8 million Series B after attending CleanEquity.

Epyon, a Dutch company, attended CleanEquity Monaco 2010, they raised €7 million from Lite-On. The following year they were acquired by ABB, who first came into contact with them via CleanEquity.

PrecisionHawk, a US company, presented at CleanEquity Monaco 2016 and went on to close their $18 million Series C funding round later in the year. PrecisionHawk have developed a platform for drone analytics as well as having their own drones for use mainly in the agriculture, oil & gas and mining industries.

Siluria Technologies, a US company, presented at CleanEquity Monaco 2014, subsequently secured $30 million Series D funding in August of that year; the round was led by Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures. Siluria Technologies have since raised a $45 million Series E round in July 2016.

Iceotope, a UK company, attended CleanEquity Monaco 2013, with a platform technology for liquid cooling of commodity electronics with a first application in data centres and high performance computing. ICL was Iceotope's exclusive financial advisor on the transaction, raising $10 million investment from Aster Capital and Ombu Group, both of whom they met at CleanEquity.






Delegates invited to speak at the plenary sessions and workshops represent organisations such as Aloe Private Equity, Arup, Bosch, BP Ventures, Cisco, Covington & Burling, Dow Ventures, Earth Capital Partners, Elia Group, Good Energies, I2BF, Living PlanIT, National Grid, Philips, Pictet, Pirelli, Qualcomm, The Carbon War Room, the United Nations (UNEP Fi), Vitol, 21 Ventures and many others. All panels are free flowing discussions, pivoting around a central topic. 



The technologies presented at CleanEquity determine the type of delegates that attend. On show are a selection of the world's best in class emerging clean technologies from across the whole spectrum, renewable/alternative energy, water treatment, automotive and marine transport and all manner of disruptive and component technologies that are cleantech.

Delegates comprise:

Financial/Strategic Investors - who may preview 25 - 30 companies to invest in or acquire or understand how their exisiting interests may be impacted negatively.

Policy Makers - who may be exposed to future clean technologies without the influence of lobbyist and major institution’s agendas. An opportunity to clear the air, explain the path government has taken and to reassure both the entrepreneurs and investors.     

End Users - Meet the technologies that will make your 5 year plan a reality and more importantly, the 5 years after that.

Media - a chance to preview best in class emerging technologies, the financial and strategic backers that will make them grow and the key people in the cleantech world who will open doors and influence global policy. 

Delegates are a select group of senior representatives of their respective organisations, this ensures that the contribution made by all is of the highest value.


The chart below is a breakdown of the registered delegates titles at CleanEquity Monaco 2016. 


The tried and tested format assures effective use of everybody's time in ideal surroundings and cleantech CEO's have access to optimal commercial and strategic acceleration for their companies.