Marcelo de Andrade

Dr. Marcelo Carvalho de Andrade is a Co-founder, Partner and Principal at Earth Capital Partners LLP. Marcelo is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has extensive networks with institutional investment, agriculture and sustainability communities throughout Latin America built up over 30 years. Marcelo is a member of BHP Billiton Corporate Responsibility Board, is a co-founder of Fundo Terra Capital, the Axial Bank/Axial Par and Eco Carbon.

Marcelo was a consultant for Shell International and is a member of the advisory panel of E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. Marcelo serves on the Sustainability Advisory Panel at Procter & Gamble and was the 1997 recipient of the George and Cynthia Mitchell International Prize for Sustainable Development. Marcelo graduated in medicine from Gama Filha University in Rio de Janeiro.