About us
London based specialist investment bank, established 2003 focusing on health and sustainable technology companies:
  • Corporate finance and M&A
  • Sovereign, strategic, professional and family investors
  • IP, business & corporate development advisory

Our mission is to assist IP rich private & public companies with finding the right investors, acquirers, customers, licensees and commercial partners; and to help them adapt to policy frameworks in different geographies.

We are acutely aware of the limited time management have for non-operational activities and the importance of R&D and commercial plan execution.

We source exceptional, disruptive technologies from >600 candidates per annum – the best are selected also to present at our CleanEquity® conference.

Our services
Corporate finance and M&A
Our core competence is founded on more than 40 years of experience, which extends into licensing, joint venture and joint development agreements
Sovereign, strategic, professional and family investors
The key to success in corporate finance is choosing the right financial partner - we cover the global spectrum, client's interests come first
IP, business & corporate development advisory
We understand the R&D process and ensure that our clients implement an IP strategy for optimum outcomes with future partners
  • Team
  • Sustainability Advisory Committee
Mungo Park
Chairman & Founder
Owen Loudon
Director, Investment Banking & Intellectual Property
Stephen Theodossi
Director & Head of CleanEquity®
Veronika Kasparova
Director, Investment Banking
Conor Barrett
Associate & Director of CleanEquity®
Sophie Simpson
Ilona Borisovaite
His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco & Mungo Park, Chairman of Innovator Capital, founded CleanEquity® Monaco in 2008 to accelerate next generation disruptive sustainable technologies from all over the world.

The Conference provides these technology companies an intimate and collegiate setting to connect with selected sovereign, corporate, family and professional investors & acquires, policy makers, end users and international trade media.

Delegates are a select group of senior representatives of their respective organisations – this ensures a high value contribution to the conference. The tried and tested format assures effective use of time in ideal surroundings.

CleanEquity’s purpose is to help companies springboard to their next stage of development. Presenting companies have since gone on to raise almost $2bn.

  • Disruptive technologies
  • Revolutionary market dynamics
  • Multi-sector coverage
  • Leading international investors
  • Environmental experts & global decision makers
  • Exchange intelligence and develop business relationships & partnerships
  • Knowledgeable & distinguished speakers
  • Specialist cleantech funds & multinational strategic investors
  • World alternative energy policy influencers
  • Plenary sessions, workshops & technology showcases
  • The CEO & Gala Dinners - with placement
  • Pre arranged and on the spot 1 to 1 meetings
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Sustainable Finance & Investment Corporation (SFIC)
SFIC's mission is to enable all participating countries to achieve Article 10 of the Paris Climate Agreement and for those technologies to transform our collective ability to reach net zero greenhouse gases by 2050.
SFIC is of exclusive service to sovereign funds, multi-lateral development banks/funds (MDB/MLFs) and direct finance institutions. Services will be provided from three divisions:
  • Investment Management
  • Corporate Finance & Advisory
  • Events, Research & Impact
The investment strategy is in line with each countries Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) commitments and target the Climate Health Nexus. Investment themes will specifically focus on:
  • Climate Mitigation: Technologies capable of avoiding or sequestering CO2e
  • Adaptation and Resilience: Technologies capable of increasing country level preparedness for the impacts of climate change
  • Climate related Health Impacts: The health and wellbeing of each country, that could either impact or be impacted by climate change
Track record (sample)
Offering customers end-to-end energy services, including energy insights, demand management and on-site generation
  • CleanEquity® 2014 & 10th Anniv. Winner
  • ICL was exclusive advisor on €7.5m Series C
  • Subsequently acquired by Centrica €70m in 2017
Developing insect-based protein products, opening the world’s first industrial scale insect recycling site in 2016
  • CleanEquity® 2017 (Winner) & 2018
  • Subsequently raised $105m in 2018
Reliable, efficient liquid cooling technology for every possible application, cooling any hardware in any environment
  • CleanEquity® 2013 & 2017 (Winner)
  • ICL advised on $10m raise in 2013;
  • and raised additional $8m in 2018
Developing and commercialising next generation nuclear fuel technology
  • CleanEquity® 2016 (Winner), 2017 & 2018
  • LTBR has secured ~$30m investment since 2018
  • LTBR are advised by ICL
Empowering innovators through its crop design platform, CropOS, to create healthier, more sustainable food and ingredients.
Benson Hill Biosystems
  • CleanEquity® 2017
  • Subsequently raised $25m Series B
  • plus $60m in 2018 led by GV, & $32m in 2019
Developing a pipeline of products for the treatment of various cancers
  • ICL advised on undisclosed amount funding; and
  • Licensing to BioMotiv in the USA
  • Transaction closed in 2017
Developing drugs to treat heart failure for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patients
  • ICL assisted HeartMetabolics raising $4m
  • HMB was acquired subsequently
Objective vision screening primarily for children under the age of 6 for early detection of vision disorders
Objective Acuity
  • ICL advised OAL on a collaboration agreement
  • with China's leading eye care hospital network
Developing powertrain electrification, hybridisation and connectivity technologies for heavy-duty vehicles around the world
Vantage Power
  • CleanEquity® 2014 & 2016 (Runner Up)
  • Advised by ICL raised £2.5m in 2017 for London's
  • first triple axle hybrid bus launch in 2018
Network of family dentists across Scotland
Clyde Munro Dental Group
  • ICL advised on the buy-in management buyout
  • with capital provided by Synova Capital
Fully autonomous UAV performing low altitude aerial data collection and subsequent data management & analysis
  • CleanEquity® 2016
  • Subsequently raised an $18m Series C
  • and a $75m Series D in 2018
Wireless charging technology for electric vehicles
  • CleanEquity® 2011
  • ICL managed Arup taking a 25% stake
  • before managing the acquisition from Qualcomm
Contact details
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London, SW1A 1HD

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